State of the Interconnection

2023 was another consequential year for the electric industry. This year’s State of the Interconnection report examines situations such as Winter Storm Elliott, extreme natural events, and the impact of increasing loads that pose a risk to reliability and security, while also highlighting the unique ways utilities are responding.  

“WECC and our partners in the West must act deliberately and expeditiously if we are to succeed in ensuring the reliability and security of the Western Interconnection.” 

The report addresses the status of several key transmission projects throughout the West, and reviews developments related to energy markets, including an initiative to launch a single West-wide market. This report does not issue findings or recommendations. Instead, it is intended to inform stakeholders on a range of issues, providing perspective on important topics and areas of change while raising awareness of matters that significantly affect reliability.   

—Melanie Frye, WECC President & CEO

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